Question rx 580 crashing

Nov 9, 2019
Hi everyone. I've been having a problem with my new build. I have a Phantom Gaming D rx 580 8gb OC, a Ryzen 5 2600 and a cx550m PSU. This GPU is factory overclocked to 1370MHz. The problem is that after a few minutes of playing Rust or any other demanding game, my monitor loses HDMI signal and the GPU fans speed down to the minimum. At that point my pc doesn't respond and i have to manually restart it.
The thing is that I found the set power limit option that the GPU driver has. I set this to the max (50%) and now my pc doesn't crash when playing games, but as it consumes a lot more power now, it gets pretty hot. Yesterday after playing like an hour of Rust it was around 89-90 °C. I stopped playing beacuse i was afraid it would damage my GPU.
My question is, is this a faulty GPU? Is it normal that the only way for it not to crash is cranking up the power limit and risking it could overheat in a hot day? Should I rma?
Pleas help I'm really desperate.