May 24, 2020
Hey Guys,
This is my first entry here at all, so don´t be too harsh on me. And let me tell you, usually i fix my stuff by looking up the answer on my own and usually it works, but this time i just cannot find the same symptoms as i got with my RX 580. That´s why i need your help!

My system is pretty old, but should be pretty price-performance powerful, here are the specs (from CPU-Z):

  • Intel i7-2600k (not OC´d)
  • Asus P8H77-M PRO
  • Radeon RX580 (XFX / 8gb)
  • 16gb DDR3 Ram (2xHynix, 2xCorsair)
  • Seasonic M12ii-620evo (i know its a little overkill, but it was the only one available at that time)
  • (dual monitor)
Disclaimer: I know the RAM configuration is not great at all, but its all i got and i already tried switching everything there, but nothing changes. So it does not seem to be the Problem.

My Problem:
If i am using my PC just working/browsing/playing LOL everything works fine (i get around 280 fps in LOL), but when i try to launch the likes of Valorant/Warzone/etc. or just try MSI Kombustor my RX580 handles it pretty fine until after 2 minutes or so i get artifacts, my PC crashes and i get BSOD with the Message "Thread stuck in device driver".
Now everything that it ISN`T:
  • no overheating
  • i am using the latest drivers
  • no overclocking
  • no PSU (tried different ones)
  • no motherboard failure (tried 2 different ones)
  • BIOS on the Card seems to be the right one (also BIOS switch is in the right position)
So yea, i think thats everything i tried/ found/ thought of and i am just clueless what it is.

If anyone could help, i would be soooooo grateful!!

PS: I just now realized that the card crashes if put into a higher power state (?), so if the Bus Interface changes from "PCIe x16 3.0@ x16 1.1" to "PCIe x16 3.0 @ 16 2.0" i get the artefacts and my screens turn brown/orange and other colors. Now how do i fix it?
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