Question Rx 580 Games/System Crash

Jun 24, 2020
My Build

Ryzen 5 2400G
Rx 580 8Gb
8Gb Ram
500 Psu
Msi Mobo


I tune the GPU with whattman. I increase power limit by 30% and 50%. Along with that I increase fan speed to keep the card cool.

Whenever I start playing the game crashes within a minute or two in the game. I am playing Doom eternal and GTA V. I cant even play doom as it crashes before getting in the map. As for GTA V. I play roughly 4 5 minutes before it crashes.

What I did to solve Issues.

Reinstall drivers
Tried automatic overclocking
Tried manual overclocking
Tried radeon chill with lower FPS

These things didnt work for me. All my drivers are up to date. Mobo GPU Audio drivers etc.

I noticed something. When I am in game my core clock are at maximum. For example at stock core clocks 1360 when I am in game the core clock it at 1360 contineously and whenever GPU utilization hits 100 the system crashes. I have to hard reset to get back to normal.

My understanding (which may be wrong) is that the core clocks should fluctuate when gaming. For example if stock core clock is 1360. It should fluctuate to 1200 1300 1350 1250 1100 1000 Etc.

Please guide me whats the issue. I have read common solutions and the havent worked for me.