Question Rx 580 in games stuttering

Jan 20, 2023
Hi i recently upgraded from gtx 580 to rx 580 but i get really big stutters in games i tried reinstalling to old amd drivers but didint help it happens on black ops 3 and dirt 5 games like cs go league of legends are working fine btw i had no probelms with gtx 580 so whats the problem when i get that big stutter my gpu % usally drop to 0% my cpu and ram isnt bottlenecking it i even tried overclocking and underclocking gpu btw i get unplayable stutters which happen every 8secs
Tried trying to run furmark test and it went all well bo stutters there btw

I have rx 580
Cpu i5 3470s
Motherboard dell 1155 socket
Ram 4x2 [8gb] dualchannel
Psu 600w


Psu 600w
600W is the advertised wattage of the PSU, what is the make and model of your unit and how old is it?

Motherboard dell 1155 socket
Are you dealing with a Dell prebuilt? If so, please pass on the model for your prebuilt and it's SKU.