Question RX 580 MSI Armor 4GB OC base core clock 1160 mhz, BIOS issue?

Apr 22, 2020
Hello everyone.

Bought this card second hand.
EDIT: found out if was from a mining batch confirmed.

When I use HWmonitor i noticed the clocks were off to what I expected: 1160 mhz core and 2010 mhz mem instead of the 1366 mhz core ( ). Temperatures arent the issue, it doesnt get much over 55 C unless im stress testing an OC then it might go to 61. Overclocking it back up to the 1366 range doesnt lead to stable results.

I read some threads here and elsewhere and it looks like some folks have had similar issues and a (re) flashed BIOS has helped ( ). But as thats not a super safe 'lets try it out' move and Im not experienced Ive been hesitant. Its not restricting me from gaming or anything.. just some missing performance. There's also people with Rx 580's that have buttons with performance settings on/off, but I dont think mine does.. or Im blind.

Question: How can I tell if I have a restrictive BIOS? How do I know which BIOS to go back to? Would there be any other explanation like a fake 580? Thanks a ton in advance for any effort to help me. I'm not that experienced in these things.

Some pictues and screenshots:
back of card: S/N1 602 V341 510B1711003732 CHK 53C
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CPU-Z and Kombuster with stock settings
CPU Z and Kombuster with a slight OC

More info:
I can OC it with afterburner to around 1380 mhz giving it max power but its not stable at all: it does ok with Kombuster but games and 3D Mark constantly crash anywhere above a core clock of 1240 Mhz. Resetting on Afterburner puts it back on 1160. Also the auto-OC tool on AMD's Radeon program doesnt lead to a stable system and only puts it up to 1200 mhz. Card doesnt draw much more than 1v even when i give it plenty of room to in afterburner (1050 mv was highest i think i saw).a

System specs: (I know its a frankenstein right now)
Asus P8p67 LE
I5 2400 with a tiny clock to boost to 3600 mhz (mobo is pretty <Mod Edit>)
MSI Armor RX 580 OC 4GB
16 GB 2133 Mhz Mushkin RAM DDR3
850 w 80+gold corsair psu
500 gb ssd
2tb seagate barracuda

Windows 10 / 64
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Apr 22, 2020
What voltage is the GPU getting at ~1350MHz?

RX580's are notoriously "Power Limit %"

Are you just increasing the power limit, or are you also pushing on the frequency slider?
Hey, the voltage doesnt go higher than 1050 mv, even when i max it out in afterburner

Power limit and frequency slider both increased. I hope I understand u correctly in saying this: the core clock doesnt just go higher from giving it more power access.

I've now learned now that it was indeed an old mining card, previous owner bough it from a miner.

Can I use this bios to flash?

with this serial?: S/N1 602 V341 510B1711003732 CHK 53C

MSI Live update says I have the most current Bios (TV341MH.671)
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