[SOLVED] RX 580 or GTX 1660 for my current setup

Nov 1, 2018
Hi, so i have a budget of around 200 pounds to upgrade to a better graphics card (RX 580 8G or GTX 1660 NOT TI version) and was wondering which of these two is the best value for money one.
Here is my specs btw

Ryzen 7 1700
Gigabyte AX370M DS3H Motherboard
12GB Crucial 2666mhz RAM (1x8 + 1x4)
Radeon R7 370 2gb ASUS Strix (My current GPU)
Corsair CX 430 Power Supply 80+ Bronze
Kingston AV400 240GB SSD
Western Digital 1TB HDD
Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L Case

Thanks for any help


Here is our sister sites review of the 1660.


the GTX 1660 is just 7% ahead of the Radeon RX 590, which is a non-trivial gap but also not a clear tier ahead of AMD’s fastest Polaris video card.

The difference in power efficiency, on the other hand, is just as brutal for AMD as you might expect; GTX 1660 is a bit faster at half the power consumption.
So the answer is the 1660 is faster, and uses less power. I looked at both when I upgraded recently and ended up going with the 570. It's much cheaper than either card, has a smaller power draw, and is still good enough for most games at 1080. I went with AMD due to the freesync feature in my monitor.

You have a bigger issue however. That CX430 PSU has to go. I was just in another thread where I mentioned that anytime you are looking at putting $200+ GPU in your system, you shouldn't be running cheap low end PSUs to power it. Guess what that 430W is? Get rid of that PSU and get something better in there and then upgrade the GPU. It was low end when it came out years ago, its junk by now.