Question RX 580 (possible) driver issues ever since I bought it last year

Dec 14, 2020
I have an ASUS AMD RX 580 4GB OC graphics card which I purchased in November last year because my old GPU, NVIDIA's GTX 660 Ti stopped working.

When I first bought & installed it, everything was great, games ran smooth, the software was full of options, etc. I thought that I will never-ever go back to an NVIDIA GPU.

However, about two weeks later, problems started occurring - my first issue was that, when I'd enter full-screen in a game, it would just freeze and stay frozen until I switched back to windowed mode. Now, I was looking for a fix for about a week until I decided to update the drivers, and voila, it worked perfectly again, so I thought it was just a random issue & didn't worry much about it.

But, then again, after a month I started having another issue where instant replay only saves 5 minutes of solid green color + my mouse pointer's movements, literally nothing else. It's like I opened paint, colored the screen in green and recorded that, instead of a game. Once again, I updated the drivers & it worked again.

To keep this brief, I'll just say that if an issue occurred, I'd update the drivers, it'd be fixed, and then after that about a week to a month, I'd start having some specific issues again - sometimes they would just disappear on their own, but sometimes the only way to fix them was re-installing the current drivers, or installing a new driver version if possible.
These issues include:
  • Instant replay / normal recording just saving a solid green color video with only the mouse pointer being shown. (very often)
  • Instant replay / normal recording freezing in the first few frames of the video and staying at that frame for the remaining 5 minutes (less often than the green screen issue)
  • Full-screen applications lagging extremely, running at <5 FPS, with the only way to fix it being changing the resolution or simply switching to windowed mode. - EXAMPLE OF THIS ISSUE
Now, I don't know if this is specifically due to my GPU's drivers, or the GPU itself, but it is the main suspect here, especially considering that I had little to none issues with my old GTX 660 Ti. The three issues I mentioned above are the ones that pain me the most because I've lost lots of valuable footage due to the instant replay bugs & I lose a lot of time changing resolutions in-game until it decides to work properly. It's really odd because sometimes I could hit the instant replay button twice in an hour, and one video would be okay while the other would be bugged.

I've tried installing new drivers, tampering with every possible setting in Radeon Software, completely removing all drivers with DDU and then re-installing them, but nothing could permanently get rid of these issues I am constantly having.

Could this be due to AMD's famously bad drivers, could it be that my GPU has an error, or some other issue? I was hoping someone else, who maybe has more experience in these issues could tell me.