Question RX 580 stuck at 640x480 with newest drivers

Jul 23, 2019
GPU is RX 580 MSI
MB is P8Z68M PRO
CPU is i7 3770k

Im going crazy, ive tried so many things and nothings working. I upgraded my motherboard to a slightly newer one so that i can have more SATA3 port, get higher ram speeds and overclock the cpu. I move everything over and the gpu is stuck at 640x480 (i think the version was 19.5). I reinstall windows and realise that WITHOUT the drivers installed i can go up to 1080p 240hz over display port. When i install 19.7 or 19.5 its back down to 640x480, doesnt detect the monitor (what kind it is, what res, refresh rate and so on and dxdiag says 'static') I tried both pcie ports and its the same. I then installed 19.2 and dp was working but without freesync. I tried 2 dp cables aswell.

Here is the worst part: with the 19.7 drivers installed it works over HDMI.

I dont understand what could be the issue here, cant be the cable because i replaced that, dcant be the gpu because its working on older software and both pcie slots have the same results.

Is this a driver compatibility issue? The motherboard is quite old, maybe the newest gpu drivers just dont like it? Please help me im loosing my mind, ive been looking for help all over internet for the past 20 hours