Rx 580 won't turn on after osu died

Jun 20, 2018
I have an xfx Rx 580 4gb and in the middle of some gaming my computer decided to die, it refused to turn back on and I figured it was my old Evga 430 watt psu so I replaced it and bought a 450 watt now my computer won't boot if my gpu is plugged in it blinks a red light for a second and I 've tested other gpu's and the pc has booted with them Is my Rx 580 dead? Is 450 watts not enough for the Rx 580 and it's shutting off?

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XFX requires a minimum of 500W PSU for the XFX RX 580 4GB.
A good quality 450W PSU might be able to handle the system load but I would go at least 50W above the minimum required.

What's the model of the 450W PSU?
A good quality 450 W PSU should be enough for an RX 580 (depending on the rest of your specs), but even if you have a crappy PSU it should be able to provide enough power to boot up as the RX 580 will be drawing little power. Are you able to test the RX 580 in another PC?

When you power up your PC your devices, specially GPUs, could draw as much power as their rated peak power.
It does lasts for only a fraction of a second (at POST, when you hear all fans speed up), but that is all it takes for a PSU to go out of commission and if it is cheap it might damage components in the process.


Do you have a source for that? All the fans running at full speed, and the components running at full voltage/frequency isn't the same as running at peak power. Just based on what I can measure with a watt meter, my PC doesn't draw anywhere close to max power during boot-up (although I suppose if it's a short enough it might not catch it).

Yes, just get an oscilloscope (with built in multi-meter) and you also be able to see your PSU electrical signals, voltage, frequency, power, etc.
It might not happen on each power on instance but it does happen. That's why I would not cheap out on a PSU, specially on a systems with a dedicated GPU.

@ TJ Hooker (Master) I am not claiming to be an expert, I am going by what I have encountered.
I don't have the equipment, but I was allowed to use a couple of times.
It all started when diagnosing colleague's Dell workstation. I told the owner he could upgrade the GPU since he did not play games and will never go above the 290W PSU the system had.
It worked fine for a couple of days until he powered off. It started having intermittent boot issues. The computer would run just fine if it was powered on. He knew a tech that repaired electronics and he had the equipment on his workshop. I remember the tech bragging about paying 5K for it and other testing equipment.
When we tested the PSU it was fine. Then we tested the PSU connected to the computer and for a millisecond it draw around 65W above the PSU rated wattage.

Then we tested my system and for a millisecond it drawed more than 400W then it will drop to around 180W.