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Question RX 590 fatboy with z390 62 error


Nov 1, 2014
Hey all,
Like title says....I got into a car accident 2 weeks ago while moving. my computer was in the van. I turned it on last week, and it booted but the monitor was smashed on the top right. I finally bring a monitor home today, and it boots. However, it was really weird, It popped up with that blue window that asks about sending information to Microsoft or whatever, it appears when you boot windows for the very first time. I click skip and proceed to change my display settings because of the new monitor....all of a sudden the window goes all wonky and pixelated....like the monitor was broken. I turned it off and rebooted....now it had 2 solid inch wide lines of this pixelated crap. I turn it off again, and I unplug it switch DVI cords ( I was using display port previously) and it just stops booting. I get a 62 on the MOBO error. I looked it up it said,
"Installation of the PCH runtime services". I've taken the card completely apart, I see nothing physically wrong with it. I grabbed an old GTX 760 I had packed up, and I'm on it right now....so maybe the software/firmware on the chip needs fixing? I've never flashed or done stuff like this to GPU's like that. Please any help is greatly appreciated....Because of the accident, I can't afford to go buy a new card right now...Thanks again