Question Rx 590 Nitro connection problem to psu

Dec 2, 2019
Just bought an rx590 .It has 1 6pin and 1 8 pin that need to be connected to the psu
My psu is coolermaster 620w.
It has 2 pci express slots (6pin).Right now i dont have any pci cable connected because my old card (r9 280) was conncted to the psu with a - y adapter (molex) to 6 pin- .The y adapter was conncted to one of the power cables of the psu.

So what do i do know .If i keep the 6 pin adaptor as it is and i buy a pci express 6 pin to 8 pin would it work?
Do i need 2 pci express 6 pin to 8 pin ?
I would really not buy another psu if that is possible

Here is the psu and the 2 pci express slots

Here is the adapter i bought

Ignore the greek language just see the photos.
Thanks in advance
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You need a new power supply.

Using a molex-to-6-pin is generally dangerous, and you are lucky that you didn't wind up with a fire, burnt wires, or any kind of instability.

Using a 6-pin to 8-pin adapter is also dangerous, because the 6-pin is rated only for 75W, but an 8-pin connector on the video card will expect to be able to draw up to 150W from those wires.

See the link in my sig for recommendations on PSUs, though I realize that in Greece, you may not have the same kind of availability that's in the US.
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