Question RX 590 or waiting for rx5000 series & price and release date

Oct 27, 2019
Looking for new GPU who will replace 1050ti.
I can get new RX 590 for 200 EUR or maybe i can wait for RX 5500 or even 5600??
I understand that nobody knows the release date or performance of these cards, but can we guess maybe?
Will the cards be better than RX 590 (like RX 5500) ? and will they cost like 200 or a bit above 200?
Or I just need to take 590. I dont know what to do.
Mar 28, 2019
I'm in the same position you are. I'm upgrading from a R9 380 4gb card. From what I can see, I think you will be happy with the upgrade to the 590. From the link below and others, I've seen a general avg of about a 40% FPS gain at 1080p and around 25-30% for 1440p. Judging from the general performance gains, you are going to get a substantial boost either way. I'm not sure if this applies to you in Europe, but in the U.S. we are getting a promo to let us choose between the new Tom Clancy game or Borderlands 3 free, as well as get 3 free months of Xbox game pass for PC with purchase of a new card. I'm still finalizing my research, but I'm pretty sure that I'm going to lock in with the 590 to pull me through the next 2-4 years when ray tracing becomes a reality.

See link for side by side comparison:

AMD game bundle:

That said, we don't know a lot about the up coming cards. we KNOW the 5500 is on its way. We have no idea if it will release this month, next month, or be pushed back to 2020. We KNOW that AMD has 5 price brackets with "performance" being the middle ground. The 5700 is taking the position of the "enthusiast" bracket (just above) and the 590 is currently holding the "performance" bracket (along with the 580 and 570). Below this level is the 560 and 550. Due to the naming mechanisms and AMD stating that they want to streamline their product (hence bringing back the "XT" line), my guess is that the 5500 will be around the performance of a 570580 at the 560550 price. I am also expecting a release of a 5600 to be the true successor of the 590-570. This will also give them room to release a mythical 5900 to take up the slot of the top tier and go toe to toe with the 2080.
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