RX-630SS (Raidmax PSU), PCI rails, and the GTX260


Sep 24, 2009
Let me preface this by saying I'm a powersupply newbie.

I recently bought a GTX 260 and realized my PSU wasn't powerful enough to handle it. I did some research and settled on the RX-630SS, which was advertised to have two +12V@20A rails and two pci-e connectors.

When I actually open the box, however, these two pci-e connectors are on the same wire.

Can I plug both of them into the GTX260? Or would that just be equal to plugging one in? I don't know if 'same wire' implies 'same rail'... The PSU is modular with one connection specifically marked as the pci connection.

Thanks for the help, sorry if I'm not being clear on some things let me know if I need to elaborate.
The PSU in that movie is a raidmax 450W PSU at 75% load. Stay well clear of raidmax PSUs, especially underload you dont want to get zapped.

Them being on the same cable doesnt affect the power delivered, each connector can still deliver the 75W its supposed to, however the PSU itself may not be capable of outputting sufficient current down the 12Volt rails, and its actually likely a single rail PSU that just claims 2 rails because thats what ATX 2.x specs say it should have, 1 cable does mean its all on 1 rail however each 6pin connector only provides a max of 6.25 Amps so even though they share a 20 amp rail you cant get them over the 20 amp limit. i would never run a raidmax at more than 70% load, it claims to be SLI ready, dont test it or you might lose the whole system.

Never skimp on the PSU, its not worth it in the long run.
I doubt if anyone presently here works for Corsair. Corsair link was posted for two reasons: Raidmax is junk and Corsairs are very good PSU's - along with such brands as Antec, Seasonic, and PC P&C.

I use a Corsair and 3 Antecs in my desktops. There is a guy working for Corsair who occasionally posts here, but the only times I have seen him post is when someone has had problems with a Corsair PSU. As far as I know, he has never posted in a "What kind of PSU should I get?" thread.