Question Rx 6600 for 3 uHD displays

Sep 27, 2022
Current PC config -
- INTEL 12100
MB - Asus Prime H610m-e d4
PSU - Corsair CX450 (from old PC)
One Wifi card

I'm considering to buy rx 6600 GPU primarily to run multi-display setup. The particular(cheapest) option available to me is

Questions 1 - Is this PSU enough to power Rx 6600?
Question 2 - Can Rx 6600 run 3 UDH monitors @60hz?
Question 3 - Can I use two ssd - Samsung 980 & WD Blue SN550 without throttling any other port(PCI or SATA)
Question 4 - Old PC had 2X8gb Ram and now I've one more stick of 8gb ram, will they work together to make it 24gigs?

Usage - Web/App development, Graphics Designing
One: Likely not, you will need a new psu.
A 8 pin aux power need will usually need a decent 550w psu
Two: Probably. What is the make/model of your monitors, and what kind of inputs do they accept?
Three: Yes, but why would you? A single large ssd will be easier to manage.
If you have them, use them.
Four: What is the old ram? In theory, Intel will run ok in flex mode. The odd 8gb will run in single channel mode.
If you have it, try it. But, sometimes mismatched ram will not run properly.
Verify by running memtest with NO errors.

Instead of buying a psu and a gpu, why not switch to a more capable B660 motherbaord and use integrated graphics.
This unit has 2dp and 2 hdmi outputs: