Question RX 6600 Visual Glitches

Jul 2, 2022
Hey, all!

I just bought a RX 6600 for an older system that I'm trying to squeeze a few more years of 1080p gaming out of. It all ran just fine with my (hopefully retired) HD7850, but with the RX 6600 installed I'm experiencing very significant visual glitches and bugs. They happen on the desktop without putting the GPU under any load at all. Running a stress test doesn't seem to effect anything (the glitches are the same, not better or worse).

Video of the issue:

Card: MSI RX 6600 MECH 2x 8G
Processor: i5-3570k
Motherboard: P8277-V LK
RAM: 16 gb DDR3, 1600 MHz (2x in 4gb DIMM, 1x in 8gb DIMM)
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
PSU: Cooler Master 720w
2 monitors, DVI and HDMI

The visual glitches don't happen when I'm running the card on stock windows drivers, they only start when I install AMD Adrenaline & drivers.

It's been basically a full day of troubleshooting, so I've already tried the following:
  • Updated to most recent Motherboard BIOS
  • Updated to most recent integrated graphics drivers (required physically removing the card)
  • DDU clean wipe of drivers and fresh install (several)
  • Reconfiguration of RAM DIMMs
  • Complete windows clean install
  • Changed out monitor cables and configurations
Because the artifacts only start happening when I install the AMD drivers, I'm convinced that it's a software issue. However, my motherboard does have some 'smart' overclocking features that I've never paid much attention to (with the HD7850 I was always GPU bottle-necked). I've tried to turn them off, but I'm not positive I've done everything correctly.

Any ideas?
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