Question RX 6600XT Black Screens and Restarts

Apr 8, 2022
Since I got it my Powercolor 6600xt fighter has been acting up but more so recently, my card will straight black screen and restart as soon as it gets to something just slightly intensive, cod Vanguards multiplayer menu will just crash it unlimited fps, limited fps 100 & 60fps doesn’t matter, a lot of people say it’s the PSU but I don’t think so. NO BSOD just straight black and restart

I’ve found the 6600xt will work great after I install my old RTX 2060 and reinstall the 6600xt for a few days then all of a sudden black screen restart issues (maybe someone can figure something out from that) these issues are with a stable overclock I found before it gets issuey (2600-2700mhz and 2200mhz fast timing on the memory) AND with no overclock, even an underclock.

I’ve DDU’d COUNTLESS times.

Temps are not a problem CPU AND GPU - barely ever hits 60c I don’t mind the noise so I have my fan curve slightly steeper

Nothing changes in bios as I’ve exported bios with scewin before and after the issues, compared and nothings changed (nothing changed with scewin just default bios and XMP tried without XMP still issues btw), I wanted to make sure it’s not my PSU in the only way I could so I’ve been running my RTX 2060 for the past week and a half, no problems at all and it’s pulling around the same wattage if not more.

Ryzen 5 3600
a320m-A Pro Max
Corsair vengeance 16gb 3200mhz
Powercolor RX 6600xt Fighter
Gigabyte RTX 2060 OC 6gb
— Drivers 472.12, 496.49 both using nvcleaninstall and without
Aerocool 700w PSU - I understand it’s not a “good” PSU by ANY means and I should try and find another one to test but that’ll be difficult and with the 2060 I really can’t see how it would be that but I will take input if people really think it’s the PSU, I’m trying to figure it out Yano lol
Tried on default fresh install of windows 10 pro
ggOS (custom iso of win10)
My own stripped win10
Tried these drivers:
21.10.2, 22.1.2, 22.2.1/2
NimeZ modded drivers:
21.something.something I forgot (oddly most stable) and 22.3.2

Let me know of any tests to run and I’ll upload them
I’ve done OCCT both cards - 6600xt - all tests are fine when freshly installed GPU but when the black screen restarts happen I can’t run a 3D test without restart instantly, Power test is the same - 2060 - 3D test and Power + everything else test perfectly fine even after an 8 hour day of gaming virtually nonstop.

Bought the card within a week before or after 2021 Christmas (2060 bought 2020 Christmas time)
I’m really not sure what to do and I wish I sent it back within the return time but it’s a new “toy” I wanted to use it, it was just small problems they’ll probably get fixed eventually with a driver update. Idk but I’m not making that mistake again.
Randomly restarting with a black screen does sound like a power related issue, it's tricky as the new gen cards are quite demanding on power (even if the average draw is similar they can spike up higher than previous generation cards, both AMD RX 6XXX and nVidia RTX 3XXX series cards have this issue - many supplies that work fine with last gen aren't up to it).

The only other thing I could suggest is have you tried updating your AMD chipset drivers? I would install the latest available drivers direct from AMD and see if that helps? The other thing you could look at is if there are any bios updates available for your motherboard, it could be a motherboard related problem although given the RTX 2060 works fine that seems unlikely - worth a try though.

Do you know anyone locally to you with a machine you could try your RX 6600XT in, that would help check if the card is simply faulty or if the issue lies with another component in your machine...