Question RX 6600XT Underperforming

Jan 18, 2022
System Specs

MOBO: Asus ROG B350f
CPU: R5 1600
GPU: Powercolor 6600XT Fighter
RAM: Gskill Trident Z RGB XMP profile 3000mhz
PSU: 650W Gold
Resolution: 1080p

Help greatly appreciated

So I just upgraded from an RX580 two days ago, I run the RX580 on Heaven and get 70fps on extreme. I then turn off the computer and remove the 580 and place in new 6600xt and run Heaven on extreme and get 130fps. Perfect, almost double and exactly what I expected. I then download and install latest AMD drivers. Later I run Heaven again and get 110fps and continue to get this result. I say okay I think I remember the same thing happening when I first built my computer with the 580 no big deal but it's bothering me. I play Halo Infinite and get amazingly smoother gameplay and double the fps, consistently 115-125 with everything turned down to lowest except for textures. I see similar improvements in PUBG as well as DBD. But when I try League of Legends, I get a weird beeping sound just before the game starts that I have never heard before and then 75 fps where it stays with fluctuations up to 100fps all game, which is even worse than my 580 which got 200fps on start and slowly dropped until about 100-120 fps where is would stay. I even tried uninstalling League and fully repairing it with no change. Superposition benchmark on extreme gets 41fps while it should get 47. I read a post about HPET and reactivate it at this point.

Things get weird when I start digging into the gpu event log: It states Device was configured after I first plugged it in two days ago and followed by an event where it says Device not started and states Error 411 Device had a problem starting with no more events after that. That's when I come here and follow the guide to use DDU. I then overclock my cpu to 3.9ghz while in bios after updating the MOBO bios. This OC was not there for the initial 130fps Heaven benchmark. I then run Heaven again after the DDU process and hit 140fps twice in a row. I look in the gpu event log and see the same process repeat itself with the error code 411. I then ran League and got 500fps on start and no weird beeping noise and a steady 200fps after minions spawn. Superposition still gets 41fps. Halo now gets 100 fps with far less smoothness. DbD didn't really change. PUBG no change. Userbenchmark says my gpu is in the bottom 9th percentile of 6600xt's over several runs. Waiting to install drivers. Thanks for your time.

Link to Userbenchmark: Asus ROG STRIX B350-F GAMING Performance Results - UserBenchmark
Of course on this run I my gpu gets an abnormally high score compared to usual.
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