Question RX 6700XT crashing and restarting PC with no BSOD error

Feb 20, 2023
System Spec:
i5 12600K no oc
Radeon 6700XT no oc
Gskill 3200 2x8GB Ram no oc
Z690 Asus board

Every game I play crashes my computer and restarts it. It doesn't hang or anything just straight up loses power and restarts. Event viewer shows a kernel 41 of lost power and nothing else. This only happens with my new card. I have tried the following steps to fix it.

  1. Pop old card GTX 970 and no crashes, then pop 6700XT and crashes comes back
  2. Remove 1 ram stick still crashes, replace 1 ram stick with the one removed still crashes
  3. Reinstall windows 11 still crashes, install windows 10 still crash

Sometimes the crashes happen as soon as I enter the game, sometimes I can play for few minutes with no issues. Temps look good, I don't see any issues.
I ran Furmark and it was able to complete it, but I had it crash on userbenchmark when it was doing the video part testing (only on windows 11 for some reason on windows 10 it didn't crash in userbenchmark and it passed)

I am at loss and don't know what to do. I thought it might be the PSU, but GTX 970 and 6700XT are pretty close in power numbers. Unless the 6700XT has higher inrush current that the power supply can't handle.
Unfortunately, this is a 2nd hand 6700XT so I don't know if the previous person had issues with it and sold it to me broken or is it just my system so I don't have warranty.
Feb 20, 2023
Gotcha, I figured it had to be something power related since getting no error or messages or crash to desktops usually indicates a loss of power. What I still don't understand is since both GPUs power are close together how come it doesn't happen with my GTX 970.

Any way when I realized how old it was before I even saw your message I decided to just go to microcenter and I just came back with this:
Corsair RM750e 750 Watt 80 Plus

I love having microcenter near me and I hate it since it so easy to spend money.