Question RX 6700xt Power

Feb 28, 2023

Recently I purchased a rx 6700xt graphics card. The power supply I have is an EVGA BQ Bronze 600w and with this it only comes with one VGA outlet. For the GPU it uses a 6 pin and 8pin connector.

I am wondering if it would be okay to
  1. use this PSU with a VGA daisy cable to power both the connectors with one cord.
  2. Use this PSU wattage wise as AMD recommends 650w PSU

Thank you.

GPU: rx 6700xt
CPU: Ryzen 5 5600g
RAM: 16gb 3600
MOBO: Gigabyte b550 ds3h
CASE: Cooler Master MB320L
Storage: WD blue 500gb SSD m.2
PSU: EVGA BQ 600w Bronze
If it calls for 650 you should likely upgrade it. Probably a good idea to get a good 750-850 watt unit. It cost a bit at the time but this is the power supply I run and I’ve been happy with it.

But in my opinion you definitely want to be sure you’ve got proper power going to your components. I’ve fried ports on a motherboard by not using the correct power supply. You certainly don’t want to have issues with your new card or other components.


Eh, you'll likely be fine, the RX 6700xt in a full torture loops doesn't use much more than 230w. Your entire system under full load would likely use under 400w. I went ahead and did a check with a power supply calculator to see roughly what you're looking at. I subbed in a Ryzen 5 5600x, and I didn't know all your system particulars so I used two 8gb ddr4 dimms, one SSD, two hdd, five 120mm fans, and set it to always on 100% full load. Even with that it came out to 430w with a recommended PSU of atleast 480w. Granted your PSU isn't crazy high end, it should be able to handle what you would have plugged into it just fine.
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