Question RX 6800 XT - Strange clicking noise when tabbed out of game ?

Jan 13, 2021
Hi All,

I've got a machine running an XFX RX 6800 XT which seems to make a clicking noise when tabbed out of fullscreen games that I play. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this sort of issue and if anyone can help with some ideas on what to do about it.

After I have loaded a game up, if I tab out of the game and into something else such as Opera GX or File Explorer in my case, I find that I can hear a strange clicking noise coming from the PC. I have not experienced hearing the clicking noise when I am not running any games. I run my games in fullscreen and find that tabbing back into a fullscreen game causes the clicking noise to stop, but if I change a game's display settings to be running in windowed mode, the clicking noise will begin again regardless of being tabbed-out or in.

I've prepared a short video which captures the sound that is being made when tabbing in/out of Dead By Daylight running in fullscreen mode.

There isn't a dust build up in any of the chassis fans, GPU fans or AIO fans and non are scraping against their relative frames, the sound emitted though does sound similar. From what I have been searching, the sound seems different to other coil whines, so maybe it is something else?

The power cables going to the GPU, Motherboard and CPU have been re-seated and double checked to ensure they're clipped in. The AIO has also been checked and it doesn't seem to be coming from there. The PC has a single M.2 SSD in it so it couldn't be the sound of a damaged disk in an HDD.

Would it be a good idea to try using a different PSU to see if the results vary? Has anyone experienced a noise like this from a GPU?