RX Vega 64 requires restart to work properly

Feb 11, 2019

Looking for some help regarding my Asus Vega 64 strix preformance drop.
Card was bought used from a non miner.

Problem occurs when I've been gaming for 1+ hours.
Suddenly my core clock and memory clock will jump to a random clock and stay locked there, while the GPU load jumps to 100%. Most often my memory clock will go down to 167mhz while the gpu clock will go down to anywhere from 70mhz to 1000mhz ( will always stay locked at a certain frequency and wont move ).

This will of course destroy my preformance in games, forcing a system restart.
After restart, the gpu will work normally again untill I start gaming.

I have tested the system using multiple AMD drivers, to no avail. ( used DDU in safe mode )
BIOS drivers were also updated.

System info:
Ryzen 2600X
Aorus X470 Ultra gaming
16GB ramz
750W Gigabyte Power supply
Win 10 pro

Global wattman:
Only changed state 6 and 7 voltage to 1,05 and 1,10V respectively.
HBM2 is clocked at 1050mhz @ 1,1V.
Power limit: +50%
Radeon chill off

I've been looking for a fix for months, but havent found any similar problems posted anywhere.

Thanks in advance
Feb 11, 2019

I will have to recheck that, the fan curves are so bad in every mode, I might have not even tested them.

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