Question Rx460 2gb saphire for 60€ or rx460 4g ASUS strix for 100€

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Mar 31, 2019
580 wont, 1660 will s bit more
but since these are out of your 120 euro it doesn't matter

the cards will always perform with a better CPU no matter what, but you are not restricting the GPUs that much due to your CPU.

the 1660 will suffer more and is a 300 euro card, where as the 580 is only a 200 euro card - hence the 300 euro card will start bottle necking more than anything cheaper.

- this is bottom of the barrel i3-8100 which is 4c/4t - still not really bottlenecking

Which is why the best card suggested to you is the 560, because you can't afford anything better. If you could, the best card you can get is the 580 or the 1060 6gb
Here the 1660 costs 253 and dude thats the point more expensive cards Will bottleneck the CPU more than cheaper cards and its a i3 3240 of course has nothing to do with the 8100