Rx480 No Input Detected


Mar 28, 2017
Hi all,

I recently purchased a rx480 4gb. Upon installation I have no input detected.

I flashed my BIOS and uninstalled old drivers, still no luck.

Is the issue the Power supply? PC runs fine when I don't put the 6/8pins into the GPU. It's only when I plug in the 6/8pins that my screen goes dark and no input is detected.

However, I don't think its the PCU because even though I get a no input detected, I can hear the sound still load up for the windows loading screen along with my HDDs spinning. The GPU fans and lights are on as well.

I'm completely new at this so i could be wrong and am completely lost. Is my mobo too old?

- Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H 1.0 Mobo flashed to 2013 update (2014 is still a beta)
- Corsair 600W PSU

it should have work with only one cable so check with the other gpu power cable from psu if it work without have to use the 2 cable if not you have a defective psu .