Question RX570 4GB - No Boot, No Signal. GTX 760 - Boots.

Jun 5, 2020
Hi Guys,

My PC Specs is as below:
CPU: i5-3470
RAM: Gskill RipJaw 8GB (Single Stick)
Mobo: ECS H61H2M 17
SSD: Plextor 128GB, Zotac 256 GB.
PSU: Seasonic 620W Bronze.
OS: Windows 10 64Bit

So I bought a second hand Sapphire Nitro RX 570 4GB to replace my old card GTX 760.

At first, it was running quite smoothly but over time, problem starts to arise. Sometimes when I boot, there is no signal or anything on my monitor, so I just push the reset button and it boots.

Until a point that it just simply stop running. The Sapphire logo on the GFX doesn't have a light on all the time and when I insert the GFX, it doesn't boot at all. I also found out that one of my SATA slot is faulty because when I plug my OS drive (Plextor) into it, it doesnt boot at all.

So when I remove the RX570 and replace with my old card GTX 760. It boots and everything works perfectly.

What might be the problem here? I believe that 620W is sufficient to power everything.. I will also be taking my RX570 to test it on my friend's desktop to make sure that it is faulty.

Is the motherboard the problem or is the graphic card the problem? Or is it the PSU?

I believe it is most likely the GFX since I can boot normally using my old card.

On a side note: My ECS Mobo is a second hand purchase and it is the worst ever mobo I ever came across. The VIA HD Audio is bad and everything is bad. Anyway I am trying to upgrade a few things so I can pass on this set up which is nearly 10 years to my son. (He doesn't need a good PC because the games he play is not graphic intensive).

So I am wondering, is it because there is not enough power or it is because my RX570 is totally faulty. Thanks!