Question RX570 Fan Bearing / Rattling - Case Horizontal as temporary fix ? (long-term okay ?)


Aug 26, 2013
I noticed couple weeks ago that my GPU have some weird rattling noise when fans hit 50-59% in some games, but it's random and kinda depends on game itself.
On touch (plastic around fans while fans are working), noise is gone. Sometimes occurs even when I quit game, and gpu fans start to slow down (example from 59% to 45%), but sound stops when they go really low %.

Yet again I can force them to 100% and noise will not be there.

This morning I put my case horizontal, noise didn't occure even once no matter how long I play and what speed fans are set to.

I can think one thing only, that card was bending perhaps (even though it's 2 fans card - Gigabyte). But I see many threads about fans going loose. Only finger on plastic was neutralizing sound completely.

Also, card is in my PC 8 months so far, I didn't heard that noise before, but again it's not really possible to hear it while I have something going on on TV or headphones. Only in quite room and when you know that it's there.

My question is basically: If I keep my case horizontal (I have space, it doesn't look bad and I have some modifications on my mind), is this "permanent solution" ? I would rather leave my case horizontal instead placing something under card as I needed to do earlier when I had 970 (4-5 years ago) and it was bending a lot.

I just want 1-2 years more on this GPU since it's more then enough for my taste in gaming.
Card is never going over 70-71c with target temp on 69c and max fan speed set to 59%, so I don't need to be bothered with airplane/turbine noise lol as it is on auto :)
Oct 12, 2018
I think you need a new card my friend... But just for good measure check to see if something isn't stuck between the fans or something. I don't know why that would be a problem but just check for good measure.


If you don't hear fan bearing rattle when your PC is horizontal then it's fine. Rattle implies on fan bearing hitting itself inside the fan, thus creating additional wear and audible noise.

For a fix, going with new GPU is a HUGE waste of money, as suggested by gamerproject1998 above. Best fix would be buying a new GPU cooling fan and replacing the defective fan. You can, if you want, even go with completely new GPU heatsink and fan combo, like Arctic Accelero Twin Turbo III,