Question RX5700 XT low gpu usage in Rust

Dec 29, 2020
PC Specs:
Gigabyte x570 UD
RX 5700 xt
Ryzen 7 3700x
Corsair vengeance rgb pro 16gb 2x8 at 3000mhz
NVMe Samsung SSD 980 Pro 500gb
I believe to be an EVGA Gold 650ww

The 5700xt usage is typically at 20 - 40% usage and mhz of 800 whilst my Ryzen 7 3700x is at 12 - 20%
I have updated my bios, gpu drivers and have uninstalled old drivers, gpu temps do not get high considering it is being used so little so around 40c. My Ryzen 7 3700x runs at 50 - 60c in-game. I have installed the chipset for the cpu. V-Sync is turned off and I have tried turning up the graphics and still get low gpu usage. Whilst in cold war I will get around 215 - 190 fps on the lowest graphics. I am out of ideas... I have not re-installed windows and I am on the latest windows update. I really feel like I should be getting more fps and I know the game is known for being unoptimized and maybe that's why but I other than that I have nothing left.