Question RX580 crashing system

Jun 22, 2019
I'm having issues with this you crashing my system:

I run aida64 and stress test the gpu. Works fine highest temp I see is 85 Celsius. The minute I start up any game and it doesn't matter what game the system goes down. I have to flip the switch on the psu for 10 seconds then turn it back on it starts right up like nothing happened. I've tried different drivers from AMD and Asus website with no results. I also get the radeon wattman has defaulted after the system crashes which is normal. But doesn't make sense when stress testing just the gpu it does not crash. I have unplugged my 2 portrait monitors. Reinstalled windows 10 w/1903 build I believe it's newest one. Updated all drivers. I'm lost. When I hook my HD7770 back up I have no issues. I do understand the power difference in requirements for the GPU's. So I don't think it is any other component other than the GPU or PSU. The 2 6pin on PSU are rated for 18amps each which should be plenty. I never see voltage drop when testing anything within hwmonitor,aida64, and etc. Board bios is also setback to stock and on the latest update.

System setup;
Ryzen 1300x
Gigabyte AB350m Gaming 3
2 sticks 4gb Ballistic Sport (2300mhz I believe)
2 sticks 4gb Hyper X (2133mhz I believe)
Samsung Evo 850 m.2 120gb (windows 10 installed)
Patriot Burst 240gb SSD ( windows 10 installed)
Patriot Burst 120gb SSD (macOS 10.12.2 installed)
Thermaltake Toughpower 750w W0116RU (yes old but good)
240mm Lepa Aquachanger AIO (with push pull 120mm fans= 4 total)
4 Corsair 140mm fans
Fractal XLR2 Case
HP 32" 1440p monitor 70hz
2 Acer S241HL 1080p 60hz in portrait