RX580 Error 182 After Spontaneously Not Working

Feb 9, 2019
I booted up my computer today and my monitors were not displaying anything. I did a reboot and the problem persisted except on a monitor I had plugged into my motherboard directly. I have tried booting both with and without that monitor and that is the only monitor that will display anything. I tried to open my AMD software to update my drivers however it gave me an error saying that I needed to reinstall. I uninstalled everything and attempted to reinstall the drivers. I have repeatedly gotten this error through multiple reboots. In my device manager the graphics card pops up under Microsoft Basic Display Adapter with an error. In my BIOS it does display as an AMD graphics card and I have verified it is set to use the graphics card as the main display. I am running Windows 10 with an AMD RX 580. I have an ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Motherboard. I have tried re-seating the graphics card, removing all driver info, and multiple versions available to no avail. My graphics card is a XFX one however from their website it just points me to the official AMD website fro drivers. I have tried having windows detect the drivers and that did not work either. Please if you can give me any assistance.

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