Question Rx580 random desktop stutter or am i wrong?


Oct 16, 2016
I am not 100% sure about this but I have looked on other forums but no one ever gives a solid way to this. My computer stutters/lags when I am full screen in a media application like VLC, or even fullscreen in youtube the second i drag my cursor onto another monitor or move it around it lags. I recently upgraded my system everything is compatible. Ryzen 5 2600, Rx580, 16gb ddr4 gskill ripjaw, asrock b450 pro 4. On my old R9 280 I never had this issue, Few months back actually i don't think I had this issue. Is it a driver Issue? I have tried to uninstall and reinstall, doesn't fix. I look at Task Manager and when I lag I have no games open just discord and chrome which should be a breeze.I go full screen in VLC press escape key my gpu shoots from 4% utilization to 99%. I am very confused why this happens. I have done a fresh install of windows 10 it still happened before and after. Only fix is restarting my computer but it will eventually come back a few hours later. Any ideas? Sort of set on just getting an Nvidia card wanted to be an AMD head but can't be having these stutters. :\