Question Ryzen 1600 AF


Jul 25, 2018
Someone knows if the ryzen 1600 AF will be available in amazon us at 105$ again?

i was planning to build my pc with this cpu but seems that i will have to go with the ryzen 3100.

Or if you know when the ryzen 3300x will be in amazon us store so i can at least take that one.

pd: my cpu budget is 110$ for now.
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Apr 5, 2020
don't hold your breath. I don't think anyone knows when the 3300X will be available at its real price and when the R5 1600AF will be on sale again.
The 3100 has the most stable pricing and availability.


Nobody knows. What's worse is the shipping from China. Because of covid, the Chinese have put shipping containers on a room by room basis, if there's room on the boat that's not considered Essential shipments, you might get a container on. There's very little individual shipping too, it's basically a full load basis. Ppl waiting at the docks might only see a single container full of psu's or motherboards, and instead of being split up to go to various stores, here comes newegg and says that's mine. And takes the entire container load.

So nobody has any idea exactly when things will actually be in stock, if they've cleared not only original customs, but transfer customs in Singapore and then US customs, if their container even made it on the boat. That's assuming somebody is actually back at work and making them.

The only thing really moving atm in the US is US made products. Anything overseas is pot luck gamble.

I put in an order for a radiator. 1 month later called up and asked when. Was told order was in from manufacturer, supposed to be delivered to store in 2 weeks. 2 months after that call, finally got notice the rad had shipped. Webpage was not updated from Out of Stock because they had over 300 pre-orders and 100 radiators delivered. 200+ people still no radiator after 3 month wait.