ryzen 1600 bottleneck gtx 1070 ?


Jun 16, 2017
hey guys :)
i want to know an important yet silly question that in a video of gta v i saw that the gpu usage of the 1070 was 80-90% with ryzen 5 1600 and with i7 it was 98 to 99% so does that means that ryzen 5 1600 bottlnecks gtx 1070 if so please suggest me the cheapest processor which wont bottleneck gtx 1070 as i am going to buy this build next year otherwise i have to go with gtx 1060 and i5 7400
:( now i have a gtx 1050ti with i3 3210 for this year ik its bottleneck but it would do for me this year :)


The 7400 + 1060 is a much worse option compared to a Ryzen 1600 and a 1070, don't even think about it.

The bottleneck is minimal and mainly dictated by the game being played. You shouldn't worry about min/max your rig that much and trust videos around the web like that.
That GPU + CPU combo is great and shall endure everything you throw at it in 1080p or 1440p even.
1) First off, it is completely WRONG to say an R5-1600 would not bottleneck a GTX1080Ti. Simply, completely incorrect.

It can bottleneck even a GTX1060 though the amount of bottleneck depends on the game. Some games will have NO CPU bottleneck, and some may lose 20% (compared to an overclocked i7-7700K).

2) Of course in terms of VALUE the R5-1600 might be the best CPU.

3) There is NO SUCH THING as a CPU that is never a bottleneck. What you do is find the best COMBINATION of CPU + GPU depending on your budget. It would be more useful to know the budget for the ENTIRE SYSTEM though.

4) GTA5 is also more CPU intensive than most other games.

5) Intel 8th gen is also nearly here so you may want to wait a bit on that.

6) *You do understand that you will be changing the:
a) CPU
b) motherboard
c) DDR memory (need DDR4 for modern such as 2x8GB 3000MHz DDR4)
d) Windows (usually does not transfer to new motherboard socket)
e) reinstall Windows + programs

Since you mention "next year" I recommend you ask this question when you are ready to buy then, as well as give the total BUDGET and exactly what parts it is for.

If I understood correctly you plan to get a GTX1070 so you can "build next year"? I'm confused on that. Why would you put a GTX1070 into a system with an i3-3210 then wait to build the system? You'll lose a lot of performance on the GTX1070 so I would just wait until you have the money for EVERYTHING you need. By then maybe prices will have dropped a bit due to the cryptomining craze (and perhaps an RX-VEGA 56 would be a better deal by then. who knows).

OTHER: CPU usage isn't a very good indicator of whether it's a bottleneck or not. In MOST games an i7-7700K for example might be about 50% even when it's the bottleneck because most games can't fully use all the cores in a good 4-core CPU.

Obviously nearly 100% CPU usage is bad and means the CPU is the bottleneck but that's just not common.

Here's an example of CPU scaling in GTA5: http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/hardware-canucks-reviews/75094-amd-ryzen-5-1600x-1500x-performance-review-14.html

That alone is proof that an R5-1600 can be a bottleneck, otherwise it would be at the top.


Jun 16, 2017

sure mate and no im not buying gtx 1070 wtf xD i will buy it next year :p well i will post this thread when i am ready to make a build thank you for your help :) and if im around the budget of i5 7600k should i buy ryzen 5 1600? or i5 7600k as it seems less bottleneck for gta and other games :)
EDIT: nevermind as u said intel 8th gen is coming will ask this next year till then PEACE
EDIT2: btw am i good if a get a gtx 105ti with i3 3210 for just this year as im impatient to play the new AAA games and i am here stuck with a hd 6600 :( ohh and dont worry about ram its 16gigs ddr4 2400mhz dont u worry my son :p i will be try to aim at 1080p if possible or i have to play at 900p sigh :( ohh yea 1080p with atleast high to very high possible ?


Sep 26, 2016
I have a Ryen 5 1600 with a Asus Strix 1070 and it is WAY over kill for 1080p. I do play at 5760x1080 on 3 monitors in games that are designed for it and I can maintain 60fps with vsync on in the titles I play, including GTA V. Not only is this a great combo for gaming, but it is also really good for video editing, which I do. If you want to go with Intel then great, just keep in mind the investment will be more than a Ryzen build. Also, keep in mind Intel does like to change its socket and you may not be able to upgrade in the future with the same MB where as AMD said they will support AM4 until at least 2020. All things to consider. Ultimately, again it is your choice, budget pref etc.., but in some games Intel performs better and in some Ryzen performs better. There is no one answer to rule them all scenerio. Cheers

PS I have swichted sockets without reinstalling windows on several machines without issue.