Question Ryzen 1600x - any gain from 2400MHz to 3000Mhz Memory?

Feb 14, 2019
I'm looking to see if anyone has any experience with what I suppose is a small boost in memory frequency at just +600MHz.

I wasn't planning on changing my mainboard or CPU just yet, as I've not seen any evidence to show that there would be many gains, though i'm open to any other thoughts.

In regards to the RAM, with the infinity fabric from the Ryzen i've seen reports that higher memory frequency gives pretty good performance boosts in certain games.

The Mobo QVL doesn't have any 3200HMz listed, or I would go for that; i'm limited to Corsair Vengeance LPX as my Rad doesn't allow for memory any taller.

I'd be really interested to hear anyones thoughts or experiences with the same motherboard and processor.
Maximum supported speed is not limited to 2666MHz, it just depends on MB and it's BIOS. I had Kingston 3200MHz RAM running just fine at full speed on my Asus Prime x370 and 1600x. Just make sure you have latest BIOS version installed, DOCP should show 3000 (actually will run at 2933MHZ).
Faster RAM does help but difference between 2400 and 2933MHz is very small in overall system performance. Couple of % at most and lower Cas latency further helps to even things up.
To get most of 2nd gen Ryzen and it's faster memory support, you need an MB with 400 series chipset.