Ryzen 2200G + RX560 discrete GPU

Oct 25, 2018
Hi Guys

PC building noob here. I recently built a budget machine for playing Elite: Dangerous. I thought the APU would handle the graphics fairly well, which it does...1080 with the auto in-game optimised settings on high (not ultra). The optimisation did understandably disable some features like 3D settings, hard out shadows etc. It is after all only an APU.

So I got an RX 560 to try and unlock a few more of the graphic settings and take the graphics load off the APU. Elite's recommended requirements aren't AAA as far as I could tell. The result is kind of....meh. Auto in game optimisation defaults to high but I lose a significant amount of FPS for some reason.

Some System specs:

  • Ryzen 2200G (OC 3.75ghz, APU has VRAM upped to 2GB in bios)
    Ram: 8GB 2400 G.skill (OC 3200)
    GPU: Gigabyte RX 560 Gaming OC 4GB rev 2.0
    Mobo: MSI B450 Pro M-2
    128GB Samsung Evo SSD
According to Elite's system reqs, this should run really well in non-APU config or am I wrong? Could there be some kind of performance/bottleneck issue between the 2200G and this particular GPU?

Thanks for any input :)

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