Ryzen 2400G Raven Ridge Black Screen while system is still running

Apr 10, 2018
I just built a brand new Ryzen 2400G system last week with a clean install of Win 10 Pro. Today came a new problem: Black screen of death. I was studying so all I had open was PDF and google docs. I tried to open my hard drive properties to see how much free space is left and then the screen just turned black. the back light was still on, fans and system still running, no automatic restart until I did a hard reset. CPU/iGPU was not overheating, was floating around 30 degrees

System Configuration:
Motherboard: Asus Prime B350M-E
CPU: Ryzen 2400G
Memory: 8GB 2x4GB DDR4 GSkill running at default 2133mhz
GPU: Vega 11
BIOS: 3803 (latest)
Driver: AMD Radeon 17.7 (latest)
OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 (1709)

Would this be a hardware issue or software/driver issue?
If hardware, I narrowed it down to 2 parts, PSU or GPU. Even though the EVGA BQ series isn't the greatest, it just replaced my 8 year old Corsair CX430 and that was running fine. the voltages were fine, 12v was at 11.92v, 3.3V was 3.28v. Thinking about swapping the Ryzen since I am still under free replacement time frame

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