Build Advice Ryzen 2600 build for $514 or 2200g build + graphic tablet for $593. Budget PC dilemma.

Dec 22, 2019
I made a separate thread here . Basically, my dad bought a PC for my sister for $540, and since my sister bought a laptop, she never uses it anymore. I wanted to take it and use it for myself, thinking it'll be faster than my laptop. But my dad actually got swindled, it's only worth $180 now in only 2-3 years.
So basically that thing is useless to me.
Now i'm thinking of building a new PC, with this build: (with future upgrade in 1-3 years in mind)

MSI B450 mortar max $121 (i chose this for the second m.2 slot, 4 slots of RAM and usb-c port. If i'm not upgrading then the pro m2 max $73 is the one i'd get)
Ryzen 5 2600 $127 (i know there are a lot of better choice but this is the best value in my country, and since i'm planning to upgrade this anyway i don't wanna go crazy with it. I'm gonna save up $300 and see what's the best i can get for that price in 1-2 years)
V gen hyper ssd m.2 512gb $60 (if i don't plan to add a second ssd, with the money saved from the mobo i'd get the 1tb for $120. But 512gb should suffice for 3 years of softwares installation only)
Armageddon infeon 1000+ voltron 235x $34
T force dark z alpha ddr4 16gb 3200mhz (2x8) ram $73 (i'm gonna add another 16gb later, if i get the tomahawk)
GTX 1060 6gb / rx 580 8gb used $100 (don't know which one to get yet, id buy anything that's cheaper)
Total: $514

Now my dilemma is, i also need a graphic tablet for photo editing. The xp pen artist 13.3 is still at a whopping $323 in my country. I can't afford both at the same time. If i buy the PC first, i'd only be using it for video editing, but since my current monitor sucks, i can't use it for color grading. The screen in my yoga 530 also sucks, but the lg 20mp48a is simply worse.
If i get the tablet first, i can use it as a second monitor for my laptop, but let's be real here, when will i ever prefer the better screen over working on my comfy bed?
If i want to get both, i'd have to reduce the pc's specs to:
MSI B450m pro m2 max $73
Ryzen 3 2200g $80
V gen hyper 256gb $40
Team elite plus black ddr4 8gb 3200mhz (2x4) $43
Armageddon infeon 1000+ voltron 235x $34
Xp pen artist 13.3 pro $323
Total: $593
It'd still leave me gasping for air (money?), while probably not powerful enough to prefer working on over my yoga 530 with ryzen 7 2700u. (It might actually be slower?) And it's also not ideal since i'd have to swap rather than add when upgrading. I'm not really "future proofing" since i'm only looking at 1-3 years from now.
Any thoughts???
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