Question Ryzen 2600x temp too high? With aio cooler


Aug 4, 2015
Hello all again.

I built a friend of mines pc and got it up and running. I noticed that the temperatures are fluctuating from lowest of 25-29 up to 59 celcius while idle. Is this fine? (XMP enabled)

I have a few ideas myself what could cause this:
  1. Aio is defective
  2. Software inconsistencies (i used hwmonitor)
  3. Case has small amounts of airflow
  4. Installed aio wrong way (the logo is slanted; also tried to reinstall it whilst reapplying thermal paste)
Note: i also saw people saying that the fans arent connected right and requires a 12v fan header.

Specs are:
Ryzen 2600x
Asus steel legend pro x470
Gskill 3200mhz ram 16gb
Gtx 1660ti
Thermaltake AIO 240 TT Floe Riing
Coolermaster masterbox lite 5 rgb edition

Thanks to all in advance

Hello everyone

I just built a new pc for a friend and im seeing the temperature is fluctuating in hwmonitor. Its lowest is 25-29 celcius and average of 30-35 but it does fluctuate to 40s to 50s range. The average range is fine as i have a pc myself and get this temperatures myself. Is this fine? XMP enabled.

I have narrowed some culprits if this is a problem
  1. Defective aio cooler
  2. Wrong aio cooler orientation (reinstalled and put on new thermal paste; the logo is abit diagonal so to prevent stress on the cables of aio cooler)
  3. Case has little airflow
  4. Hwmonitor not consistent
Will try ryzen master later and can provide screenshots if needed.

Ryzen 2600x
Asus X470 steel legend
Gtx 1660ti
Thermaltake 240 TT Floe riing
Gskillz 16gb 3200mhz
Coolermaster masterbox lite 5 rgb

Thanks to everyone in advance

PC Tailor

By idle - do you really mean idle or with lower loads?
If it just at lower loads, does it prolong at 59 degrees? Or is it more a short spike? If it's more a spike, then it is completely normal behaviour for any processor.

If it is completely at idle and prolongs, then there could be a problem. However idle temperatures aren't that useful, because even at idle, if it's below the throttle temperature, it will never be a problem. So the best thing to do is to place the CPU under load and retest what temperatures are being hit.

if the load temperatures then start reaching 85+ degrees, then you may have a problem.
Also remember some XMP can have an effect on CPU voltage, so ensure that this isn't increasing temps.
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