Ryzen 2700 Severe Temperature Spikes

Jul 31, 2018
That is a graph of my cpu temperatures on my new ryzen 2700 with aio 240mm water cooler. The first half of the graph is at relative idle(launching the monitoring software and steam) and the second half is of me playing rainbow six. As you can see the first half has severe spikes of up to 15 degrees C over just a few hundred milleseconds. None of the temps got over 50 degrees, but the severity of the jump worries me a little.

Is this normal for a ryzen watercooled cpu? I re-applied thermal paste twice and the problem has not gotten better. Do I not have enough on there? Is this some setting in the bios that turns the waterpump on and off? Should I even be worried?

Here is a second plot. The first 2/3 is me playing rainbow again. I evened about 35 degrees during the bulk of it. But once I closed the game the temps stop being steady and go back to their weird jumpy thing. I think it might be the thermal paste. I applied a dollop of paste right in the middle and if it didn't spread right it wouldn't cover the outer cores, maybe causing my spikes.
There are temperature sensors inside the cores and they react faster than average package sensors. Takes time for heat sink to transfer heat by many milliseconds maybe even seconds. Nothing to worry about unless temps go way over 75c. XFR continuously monitors and adjust loads taking in account temperatures.