Question ryzen 2700x good temps, but a lot of spikes.

Dec 24, 2019
so i recently built a new computer after not having one for many years and this is my first amd computer, i went with a ryzen7 2700x/phantom gaming 4 x570 motherboard/ coolermaster ml240l (also i should mention this is my first water cooled pc)/ 16gb (8x2) g. skill ripjaw 3200/ msi gaming z rtx 2060/ 750w full modular powerspec power supply/ diypc diy-d2-rgb mid tower.
the problem i am having is when i first start up my computer with auto setting on my computer it sets the cpu voltage to 1.4-1.46 varrying and freezes my computer in minutes, when i go into manual in bios and set it to 3900 or under at 1.35v it seems to fun fine in task manager it says cpu usage is only at 1-3%
when i go into ryzen master is where my concerns start i notice a constant temp spiking every time it hits 20-25C (depending on inside temperatures) baseline it will just up 5-12C when i test my cpu under load it seems to be stable at 49-52C until i play games where the issue comes up again with the temp spikes (but less frequent then at idle) if i try to take my cpu over 4000mhz it freezes in minutes.
any help would be greatly appreciated!

heres a picture so you can see my problem, ive checked my cpu cooler and remounted it thermal paste looks fine.
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