Question ryzen 2700x & gtx 1080ti

Sep 11, 2019
Hey i trying to get more score in 3dmark time spy but max i can get is 10383 and i don't know how to get more
GTx 1080 ti zotac amp extreme
Amd ryzen 2700x - cooler master master liquid ml360
hyper x predator rgb 2x8 gb 2933 mhz
asus strix x470-f gaming
corsair mx850
kingstone ssd 240
If you are maxed out on the GPU OC chances are you won't be able to get but a few points here and there.

Play some games, be happy out and enjoy your system. Don't get hung up on some random app that hardly anyone uses.

Anyway , a quick google search reveals loads of results like this:
, follow the guide (don't take short cuts) and get a stable OC. If you have artefacts, then you are going to far.
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My 8700k at 4.8Ghz did 8440 in time spy. Haven't ran it at the new 5.1Ghz overclock since deliding.

According to your results your 2700x is not even hitting your boost speed. Youre doing 4.271 when your boost speed should be 4.3, granted its only .029Mhz off but every Mhz counts when overclocking and looking for a benchmark score.

Ive done a few runs with my CPU at 4.8.
4.8004Mhz cpu score 8488
4.802MHz cpu score 8440
4.802MHz cpu score 8505
4.804MHz cpu score 8520
4.804MHz cpu score 8473

It all depends on if you run the benchmark back to back, what background things are going on, and just a pure computing errors.
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but i think my cpu score little bit low
Your scores are pretty decent IMO. Your CPU score is just a few down on where you would expect it to be, circa 9000.

I don't see anything out of the ordinary, specially seeing as your results are better than 91% of other results! :)
Can you push a few more points in each section? Possibly, yes, but these small differences could be down to slightly slower ram than reference, or your CPU is throttling and not getting it's full boost speed.

Either way, you don't have much to worry about.