Ryzen 3 1300X running at 2.95 GHz, one GHZ below boost

Feb 6, 2019
-CPU clock is 3000 Mhz according to MSI afterburner
-the ryzen is supposed to have a base of 3.6 GHz
-Userbench confirms this: XMP Enabled, 2800 Mhz ram: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/14459752

-Because of this i get mouse lag in fortnite (happening recently) and i get mouse lag and discord fuck ups with R6 Siege if i dont cap FPS at 65
-CPU bought 1 year ago, just noticed now, dk if it was different prior to this.
-CPU capped at 95% usage in windows but doesnt affect anything, still reaches 100% according to Afterburner
-MSI B350M Gaming Pro Mobo
-Plz help me im triggered, seems to be no answers on the internet, resorted to reddit(no answers) and then went to ryzen for help(email)

Edit: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-1726372/cpu-clock-speed-lower.html
According to this thread, CPU should boost up, but im running rainbow six siege and chrome with a bajallion tabs with 80% CPU usage and CPU-Z says my CPU isnt budging past 3000MHz

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/409083469562642445/542826874179420170/unknown.png CPU-z

-Bought a 1060 6Gb from a 1050Ti recently.
Assorted settings in BIOS set to Balanced or Performance? (Balanced should work, but, you can try performance if no change)

Windows Power Plan set to at least Balanced? (Balanced will allow full clock speeds under a load, and still allow idle clocks of 800-1000 Mhz when doing almost nothing...)

Was this build a fresh format /install when you built it, or an upgrade/reboot/'hope for the best' that all drivers are /were sorted out?

(Additionally, capping at 60-65 fps to avoid lagging out might simply be an indication that your framerate is overwhelming your connection bandwidth to the server, and not necessarily a problem at your end...; not every server has a 700-800 Mbps connection)

Try checking HWMonitor while running Prime95 a minute or two to see if one core achieves the high turbo speed you are looking for....



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