Question Ryzen 3 2200g GTX1050 ti Drivers and display

Jul 4, 2019
Hello everyone,

I have just build a pc and am about to install windows and drivers
Ryzen 3 2200g (chose this processor because i will be removing the GPU from this pc and putting it back through the year and want my family to still be able to use it)
GTX1050 ti
I wanted to know if I have to install drivers for the APU and if the APU will be still doing graphics processing even if i conect the display to the gpu (higher temps? possible to turn off?) basically if the APU is working as a GPU even having a dedicated GPU and if it is possible to elmininate/reduce that load.
Thank you!
You should be able to install both drivers, but I suggest you install the AMD drivers first. You won't have a problem with games and other things after you install the drivers for the 1050ti, but if you do, then you can disable the APU GPU from the BIOS. Well, tell the system to give priority to the PCIe (discrete) card instead. By doing that, the APU won't be used for graphics processing; this is assuming you connect the monitors/displays to the 1050ti, obviously.

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