Question Ryzen 3 3100 - how to force CPU to "speed step" after OC


Hey there,

I just managed to run the weak Ryzen 3 3100 on X570 I Gaming from Asus at nice 4400 MHz all core at 1.325 vCore and...4500 MHz all core at 1.35 vCore. Which surprised me. Using mere AMD Wraith Prism. No real life tests, just 6 hours of Ryzen Master built in test.

Well anyway, I'd love to OC the little ah heck but, he's always burning up at 56 - 60°C idle and up to 70°C at load, so, how do I make AMD tick like Intel with EiST?

How can I OC the Ryzen, and force him to downclock at llight workloads and when idle?

Please advise

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Ryzen processors do not work like Intel.

As far as overclocking that thing to 4.5Ghz at 1.35V, I'm reminded of Dr. Tyrell's solace to Roy Batty, paraphrased a bit: "The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and your processor burns ever so bright." Enjoy it while you can!
If you set it to Ryzen balanced it might downclock at idle. I wouldn't worry about it much tbh.

As for that voltage and clock speed, I wouldn't worry about it. I personally have yet to kill a CPU from too much voltage, including running near decade-old 2600k CPUs past 5ghz with insane voltage levels that everyone says will kill the CPU immediately. Keeping it cool is important however.

It's truly hard to say whether it will significantly decrease the CPU lifespan.

I think I have run close to 1.35v through my R5 3600 as well. Mostly around 1.325 when targeting 4.4ghz


@NightHawkRMX hmm hmm hmm. So uh, You're sayin' that maximum temperature of 70°C is a tad bit too much for the silicone piece? What's it's optimal temps? I mean I treat Intels up to 70°C under water, and up to 74 - 76°C on air, that's my safe temperature. Thank You for Your reaction anyhow :)


Up to 80-85c is fine and won't danger your CPU.

Idle temps don't mean much, it's load temps to look at.
So...I should be fine. Well, anyway, I have this one only for the fun. Came back to X570 for a test, want to see how the new CPU's will fare. Btw. this one's really superb. With NVMe PCi-e 4.0 SSD and 64 gigs of RAM, the work in an OS is a bliss. Works faster than 10900K with 64 gigs of RAM and NVMe PCi-e 4.0 SSD [running at PCi-e 3.0].

Didn't have this smooth experience with 3700X, 3800X, 3900X nor 3950X [no XT tested yet]. Good job on the side of AMD and...maybe, it's the infamous 2004, God knows. Tested the previous ones on 1903 and 1909.