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Question Ryzen 3 3100 Vs 2300x


Isn't the 2300X an OEM only part?

anyway, the 3100 is better.
the 3300X is also a better value than the 3100.

i would say the 3100 is around 15% better, while the 3300X is around.. 25% better than the 2300X

As for temperatures, these processors are so low power you don't need any big cooler for them.

As for technologies, the 3100 is newer, supports pcie gen 4
Also supports newer boards.
May 22, 2020
if you're looking for a budget cpu, wouldn't the refreshed R5 1600 AF be a good option? It's very inexpensive right now with a higher base clock speed than the 2300x, only about 4% lesser than the 3100 but can be found for much cheaper
Please give me the performance, temperature,technologies comparison between 2300x and 3100
The 2300 is Zen 1.5 generation, based on 12nm Global Foundries process. The 3100 is Zen 2 generation, based on 7nm TSMC process for the CPU core chiplets combined with a 12nm Global Foundries process for the SoC/MMU/IO chip.

They're both 4 core 4 thread parts. Sorry...2300 is 4/4, 3100 is 4core/8 threads

The Zen 2 chip has from 10-15% IPC uplift from Zen 1.5, so at similar clocks it will have up to 15% more processing power depending on the particular instructions being handled.

I've never read what the overclocking potential of the 2300X is; probably not that great. But 3100's supposedly have pretty good potential for Zen2 at least.
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How about benchmark scores ?
BTW...I got the number of threads wrong on 3100....it's 4core/8thread

I honestly don't know that reviewers have made that comparison! Probably a couple reasons; first, 2300X hasn't been a popular processor choice for builders probably because it only became a retail part well after release of Ryzen 3000 CPU's. And second because 3100's are only just now coming into the market themselves.

But I'd expect the 3100 to be much better than 2300 and well worth the extra cost. You get the benefits of Zen 2 especially if you marry it with a B550 board as it makes for a solid forward path for upgrades. And PCIe 4 also.

And lastly: that 10-15% uplift in IPC is significant and as well the number of processor threads is significant.


Nov 28, 2016
If you want speed and possible OC to play games, 3300x
If you want 6 cores 12 threads to deal with games well and be able to do productive tasks, then 1600AF (which is basically a 2600)
I would not use the 3100 unless your budget is really tight.