[SOLVED] ryzen 3 3300x stuttering and game crash

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Jul 10, 2020
Hi guys first of all sorry for the bad english im brazilian , so i recently bought a ryzen 3 3300x and a a320m-k , my previous was an intel i5 7400 i noticed that my fps was so good but i decided to format my pc then it goes all the way down I updated the drivers download my games and some games after a certain time they crashed or archives corrupted . the game i most play is csgo and he keeps stuttering but the fps dont goes all the way down its kinda like a very quick freezing and a few minutes playing a vpk error apear , in cod warzone my game freeze and crash , shadow of the tomb raider game crash saying to try the lowest settings . I created 2 posts in the 2 biggests brazilians hardware forum and I talked to Nich Pc he is a professional that build csgo pro players pc in brazil I also go to a store that scan and repair gaming pc they havent find anything . So hope you guys can help me and again sorry for bad english.
Pc specs:
ryzen 3 3300x
a320m-k/br (brazilian version)
16gb ram ddr4 2400mhz
gtx 1660 galax
500w vs corsair
ssd 240gb
1tb hd (the windows is here because I was trying to find if it would solve my problem but it doesnt)
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