Question ryzen 3200g stuttering

Sep 25, 2020
i experience some stuttering with my ryzen 3200g(gaming using igpu and not a dedicated) especially in CS GO it's verry noticeble,and it results as well in 15-20%fps drop, the stutter occurs even at HIGH fps 150+ (i only play cs go and dota) the stutters doesn't occur right after i turn on my pc. i can play for some time . the stuttering seems to occur when i return PC from sleep state but after a longer period of 20minutes. or when i use the pc for some time but in some low power stuff like web browsing(or when i return from watching a 1.5h movie movie) or just let it idle. the stuttering is very clear and it amplifies even more if i have a youtube video playing in the background or twitch streams running as well. if i restart the pc the stuttering is gone. the temps are ok no higher the 65C both for the cpu and apu. i have disabled hibernation.

i do wanna say that i have a freesync capable monitor with a refresh rate of 144hz , and both in cs go and dota i can get 144fps or more with some bellow 144fps drops in very intensive scenes

i just want to know if it's software or hardware related. because if it's hardware related shouldn't it express right away, instead it takes some time for the stutter to occur.

i have tried DDU'ing the gpu driver, i have even tried reinstaling windows to a previous build but same issue is occuring.