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Question Ryzen 3200g TERRIBLE Performance?


Jun 30, 2013
Hi all,

I have just completed my build and tried playing a game (league of legends) with my Ryzen 3200g APU, and it was terribly slow. It ran on only 15 fps on ultra low settings. My monitor is an old TV that is 1080p, so not even high res or a fast refresh rate.

Before buying this build I saw benchmarks of the 3200g playing games at 1080p on medium to high settings at 60 fps. Does anyone have a clue why mine is running so slowly?

CPU/GPU- Ryzen 3200g
Mobo- Asrock b450m
RAM- v color DDR4 3200 16 GB
SSD - corsair 256gb

Thanks in advance!
Did you install the AMD GPU drivers? If you didn't do that, you might be running with the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter driver which if it even launches a 3D game will offer extremely poor performance as it can't use GPU resources properly, it's only meant to provide basic display.