[SOLVED] Ryzen 3400g APU GEEEK A1 Mini-ITX build

Does it work

Jun 3, 2017
The GEEEK A1 Mini-ITX Case, a beautiful little box. I would like

Case: GEEEK A1 Mini-ITX Case
CPU: Ryzen 3400g APU
RAM: ?
PSU: ? (PicoPSU)

All I am decided on at this point is the case and 80% the cpu (maybe 2400g or 3200g are better options, convince me? I hear chatter the 2400g is actually better?)

This case however does require a PicoPSU, something I haven't had enough experience with to know which is reliable or not.

I could only find 3 ryzen mini itx boards with wifi, the msi is cheapest, but the others are possibly far superior, haven't had the time to individually compare all specs.

Next is the ram, 8-16gb would more than suffice, G.skill (no shroud) is quite affordable, but there are probably better options (case has a window, pick rgb if you want, even if its a little more).

Finally the cooling solution. The 3400g ships with a wraith spire (too tall), i do have a stealth onhand though, but it may be inadequate. The noctua nh-l9a (amd version) is a strong contender, however there are better looking coolers (if the ram is rgb an alternate coolers with led would be nice, no rgb this one). The system supports upto 4 50mm fans, any recommendations on the best performing/quietest 50mm fans?

Base budget is 300-550 usd but can be increased if need be.