[SOLVED] Ryzen 3400g with 3600Mhz ram, possible?


Dec 31, 2020
i have this spec rn:
MB: Asus B450m-a
Cpu: Ryzen 5 3400g
No gpu as i have 3400g
Ram: 8 gb 2666 Mhz

I want to buy Corsair Vengeance lpx 3600 cl18 16 gb (2*8gb dual channel), i found on AMD website that my cpu only supports up to 2933Mhz ram. I asked a professional in my neighborhood and he said the max freq i should buy is ram with 3200Mhz freq. i watched some YT video and saw that 3600 is really better than 3200 and also i read in a forum that if i buy 3200Mhz ram i have to downclock it to 2933 in BIOS and enable XMP (i don't know what is that, does that overclock? i read that it would overclock ram, so if we are downclocking to 2933 then why should we overclock it? lol i'm newbie)

so i have some questions

1. i have 2 options:
A. Corsair Vengeance lpx 3600 cl18 16 gb (2*8gb dual channel)
B. Corsair Vengeance lpx 3200 cl16 16 gb (2*8gb dual channel)

which one should i buy?

2. does my cpu support 3600mhz ram? or is there any way to make it compatible? i insist on 3600mhz cuz i read somewhere that amd APUs like ryzen 3400g needs higher freq much more rather than lower CL (i think its timing right?), so it makes 3600Mhz a better choice, but! if i have to downclock it to 2933, then a 3200Mhz CL16 is better than 3600Mhz Cl18 as they have to get downclocked to 2933.

my mainboard supports up to 2*8gb Samsung 4400Mhz ram, so will 3600Mhz ram be stable at 3600Mhz freq?

If so, that is probably with a Zen 2 or zen 3 chip. Yours is Zen +, which didn't work well with such fast ram speeds. Zen 2 is when the ram speed compatibility was improved. I cannot make such a guarantee, regarding stability.