Question Ryzen 3600 stock cooler vs some aftermarket tower cooler

Mar 4, 2023
I'm upgrading my 2016 server from i3 2100 to a combo I got from microcenter AMD Ryzen 5 3600 and GIGABYTE B450M DS3H WIFI. I'm debating if I should get something better than stock cooler. I believe it is not a Stealth one as the heatsink is much taller. I'm going to reuse the case and it does not have a cutout in the back if I decided to replace the cooler later. It means I would have to remove MB to do it. The server mostly is used to do clients( laptops) backups and seldom is used by my son as a Minecraft server to play with friends.
Should I get another tower cooler or not? If yes, is there something under $20-$30 to consider?

The max height is 5.8 inches for a tower in the case.
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