Question Ryzen 3600 unstable at stock on Asus B350M-A Prime motherboard ?

Nov 17, 2021
Hi everyone

I have a weird situation that happened recently.

I have a Ryzen 3600 installed on an Asus B350M-A Prime motherboard with latest BIOS.

link ( )

System has always been used at stock values , never overclocked.

Lately, the system has become unstable (BSOD). After I have tested everything I identified the problem with the processor (that is not anymore under warranty) and I solved stability issues raising the core voltage offset by + 0.03 volt from the bios . Now the system pass all the tests without errors and is stable.

The Air cooler is a two towers Noctua. The temperatures are normal (no more than 50 celsius degree under load ).

The only thing I'm worried about is the that now I have peaks of CPU voltage core at 1.41 volt from Ryzen master (from hwmonitor i have peaks of 1.46 volt) and from what I read around this thing isn't optimal.

I searched but I can't find a official paper about recommended voltages for Ryzen 3600.

Can someone help me out ? Do I risk to damage the CPU ?


ye its a little bit on higher side looking at 3600 boost clocks ..its not unsafe voltage, just it will produce more heat
feel free to tune your clocks/ voltages with CTR, just press that diagnostic button and it will run test on your cpu to determine what your cpu can handle, at end it will report you suggested clocks/voltages for P1 and P2 profiles
P2 profile is undervolt when cpu is under heavy load (to reduce heat and fan noise)
im on 3800X mine profile values:
PX high - 1.45v 4.65GHz (2core boost),
PX mid - 1.425v 4.475GHz (4core boost),
PX low - 1.4v 4.45GHz(6core boost),
P1 - 1.4v 4.45GHz(all core performance boost ),
P2 - 1.358v 4.35GHz (all core undervolt boost)
PBO is disabled

with tune button you can test lovest voltage at desired CPU frequency it runs stress test
so you can see at which frequency how much voltage you need and then setup P1/P2 profiles accordingly
anyway with it, performance is higher and voltages are lower than with AMD boost profiles, while still stayin within CPU limits